Saturday 26 May 2012

Talkeetna at last!

After a couple of hectic days of shopping for 5 weeks of food and waiting on some delayed gear (UPS had it at their Anchorage depot but wouldn't let us go and collect it till they'd tried to deliver it the next day, go figure...) we've eventually made it up to Talkeetna.  Not entirely sure what food we've got in the end but I'm already looking forward to the thought of the first meal when we fly out!

We're all signed in with the National Park, got our permits and hopefully, weather permitting we'll fly into the Denali range tomorrow morning.  From the few people we've met who have come out of the range it sounds like conditions are pretty good so fingers crossed the weather turns good.  See you in five weeks!

Nick securing the vital expedition supplies

Slowly working through the list

Busy season on Denali, guess we won't be on our own...

Last minute kit faff

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