Sunday 16 January 2011

New blog and Scotland bound

Welcome to my new blog, it’s still a bit of a ‘work in progress’ quiet like my writing! But I’m hoping to keep it updated as regularly as possible with general climbing bits, trip reports, my progression through the British Guides training scheme and reviews of the gear I’m using.  I've also copied all my posts from the Mountain Equipment blog that I've been contributing to over the last year or so.

I’m up in Scotland now for the next couple of months for the Scottish winter part of my British guides training, 5 days of training at the end of this month and then a 6 day assessment at the end of February. With lots of prep to do for this and hopefully some personal climbing too I should be out on the hill most days so I’ll try and get some useful condition info up on a fairly regular basis.  I’m really psyched to be up here as it’s a whole new play ground for me and the first winter I’ve spent in the UK for a lot of years. So with lots of classics to go at and hopefully a few visits to the more wilder venues over the next few months I’m just hoping the conditions will return as it’s safe to say there is a massive thaw going on at the moment...

We wandered up Carn Mor Dearg on Thursday and then into Creag Meagaidh on Friday to potter about on the plateau just to try and get to know the area. In the end we didn’t even make it up to the Window as the motivation to struggle on in horizontal rain and very strong wind wasn’t there! If the ice survives the thaw though it should come really good as the main drainage lines were still looking fat.

 Creag Meagaidh today

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