Thursday 9 January 2014

A White Christmas

I headed back out to Chamonix for a guaranteed white Christmas again this year and although it wasn't quite a white as last year the snow did arrive just in time to give some good days on the skis. At the start of the trip conditions were mediocre to say the least but it was great just to be back out on the skis again after 8 months. I really had forgotten just how much I enjoy skiing, its just plain and simple fun!

Loving skiing again and enjoying the powder up at Brevent. (photo - Josie Allen)
Courmayeur was giving the best conditions early on in the trip and on top of that the coffee is so much better and cheaper there than in Chamonix.  So for various reasons there were quite a few trips through the magic tunnel, aka Le Tunnel du Mont Blanc – yes it really does transport you to another world of good coffee and snow.

In the first week conditions off the Aiguille du Midi (Vallee Blanche) did not sound great for skiing all the way down to the train at Montenvers unless you didn't mind trashing your skis at the bottom. But the snow up high sounded good and I was really keen to head up and just spend some time in the high mountains, I really do miss the ambiance and feeling you get up there. Ben was keen for a bit of cardio so we headed up mid morning and had a good ski across to the Col d'Entrèves and back. Just making the last lift back down from the Midi and both feeling the full affects of the altitude. A lot more breaking trail than turns but great to be up there again and just about have the whole Vallee Blanche to ourselves.
Mont Blanc du Tacul looking very wintry
Mont Maudit towering above
The snow did eventually start arriving and after fun Christmas Day in Courmayeur we got some good snow to ski in Chamonix. The Grands Montets was its usual Christmas/New Year chaos but we managed to avoid the crowds and get some good skiing around the valley and off the Midi which was filling in nicely to cover the crevasses (still a lot of open holes and weak snow bridges) and rocks.

Heading out from the Aiguille du Midi (photo - Roger Knox)
Letting rip up on the Midi (photo - Roger Knox)
Josie enjoying the snow on the Petit Envers
(photo - Roger Knox)
Roger heading into the shade lower down
Fun times on the last day of 2013 with Josie and Roger up on the Midi
I left for Kandersteg and then the UK last weekend but it sounds like there was another big snow fall and the season is at last starting to get going. The avalanche hazard in the alps this winter is extremely high and dangerous and has been very well publicized so I won’t say much apart from a lot of care is needed...

Roger making the most of the 'dust on crust' up at the Brevent
Looking down from Brevent on the Chamonix Valley clearing after a storm

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