Friday 26 July 2013

Days in Skardu

Jon and I have spent the last couple of days in Skardu, the small mountain town most expeditions heading into the Karakoram start from. Set along the banks of the massive Indus River which flows from the heart of the Karakoram down the entire length of Pakistan to the Arabian Sea, Skardu is a dusty place with the man-made irrigation systems breathing green life into the otherwise rocky and barren landscape.

Landing in Skardu on after the flight from Islamabad
View from the hotel down towards the river
The mighty Indus River, flowing all the way through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea
Jon taking an afternoon stroll down along the Indus
Today we visited Ghulam’s (our agent, Blue Sky Treks & Tours) house and went over the food our that Ali, our happy cook, has bought for our next seven weeks in the Charakusa Valley, adding extras and getting rid the unwanted bits. Let’s just say there is going to be a lot of rice being eaten in the next couple of months! A whirlwind tour of Skardu this afternoon buying up last minute supplies and getting our trekking permits for the approach finished the day off before hurrying back to the comfort of fan cooled rooms to escape the heat, the sun is so powerful here, so hot.

 Ticking off the expedition food (photo - Jon Griffith)
Jon and Ali going through the food
Wandering through the bazaar in Skardu
Tomorrow we have an early start and a six hour jeep ride up to Hushe, the small mountain village at the end of the road. From Hushe we will start the two day approach to our Base Camp in the Charakusa Valley and eventually get to see our objectives, Link Sar and K6. After all the ups and downs of the last few weeks of organizing the expedition we’re both pretty excited to be off and seeing our objectives soon.

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